Our Culture, Why, Mission, and Values

Our Culture – How we work

Intercommunity Home Health Care is a privately owned and locally operated home health care service provider who have been proudly serving the residents of our community. We actively seek to service the underserved populations such as African Americans, Native Americans and Somali Americans.

We are steadfast and knows our responsibilities well that makes our patients and their families trust our skills and abilities of providing unmatched services. Our unique approach to every situation guarantees that no need will go unmet.

To help us with our goals, we only employ those who have the same vision and passion for serving as us. We believe that this unity in work will aid us in accomplishing several objectives for the benefit of our patients. All of our employees have undergone a series of pre-employment process to verify their competency. All of our employees have undergone a series of pre-employment process to verify their competency including state and federal background studies.

Our Why – Why We Exist

We believe people have a fundamental right to live as they choose and to be treated equitably. Also that work can provide a safe environment for people to be their authentic selves, develop to their greatest potential as humans, and experience true happiness.

Our Mission – What We Do & For Whom

Intercommunity Home Health Care is committed to the well-being of our patients by providing health care services at the comfort of their home. We strive to deliver reliable and consistent services, so that they can continue living a meaningful and fulfilling life together with their loved ones and family. We always ensure that they receive the care that they need and deserve.

Our Strategy – How We Do It

We empower clients and caregivers, treat them with dignity and respect, and implement processes and standards that support their rights as humans. We work to continuously improve our services, our operations, our culture, and our team. Together we support clients and caregivers, so that living independently and being a caregiver is easy and convenient.

Our Values – How We Make Decisions

Creating a value statement is a good first step, but we believe it is more important to make decisions and hire employees based on a fit with those values. We use values-based decision-making at every level of our organization, and are guided by the following values:

  • INTEGRITY – We act in alignment with our values.
    • We do and do what is right even if not popular or profitable.
    • We act with integrity even when no one is looking.
  • POSITIVITY – We are optimistic and work to create a positive environment.
    • We consciously attempt to find the positive side of any situation.
    • We take care of ourselves so we can show up as our best selves at work.
  • TEAMWORK – We collaborate to overcome challenges as a team.
    • We respect our teammates, speak kindly, do not gossip, and support one another.
    • We do our share of the work and understand that our individual work affects the team.
  • EXCELLENCE – We do our best and go the extra mile.
    • We work to the best of our individual abilities.
    • We do more than is required or expected.
  • GROWTH – We cultivate expansion and development.
    • We are always thinking about how we can improve our services and our company.
    • We strive to grow as individuals by developing our strengths.
  • ADAPTABILITY – We adjust to new situations and develop creative solutions to problems.
    • We make wise decisions despite ambiguity, are flexible, and embrace change.
    • We come up with creative solutions to problems.

Our Vision – Where We Are Going

We envision a future in which everyone who needs care to live independently receives quality services with respect and dignity. In our vision for the future, the role of a caregiver is respected, and caregivers get the support they need to provide quality care.

In that vision for the future we are the #1 choice for family caregivers and people in need of home care services. We support people to live independently by providing excellent administrative support, so that receiving care and being a caregiver is easy and convenient. With speedy on-boarding, timely processing of documents, flexible payroll schedules, respectful treatment, and through providing accurate information, we set the standard for what quality in home support means.